Workshop on Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy

17-22 August 1990

Ondrej Krivanek
Gatan Inc.


morning afternoon evening
17.8. Friday Arrival
18.8. Saturday   Opening  
19.8. Sunday   Instrumentation and EELS imaging
Poster session
20.8. Monday ELNES Experiment and Theory   Related Spectroscopies
21.8. Tuesday Quantification 1 Quantification 2
Reflection EELS
22.8. Wednesday Future of EELS
Final discussion

18.8. Saturday

16:00-17:00 D.C. Engelbart (Stanford U., USA)
"Future directions in computing and the Bootstrap Project, or 'Bootstrapping organizations into the 21st century'"
19.8. Sunday
chair: J. Silcox

14:00 C. Colliex (U. of Paris, France)
"Spatially resolved EELS"

14:40 M. Haider (EMBL Heidelberg, Germany)
"A new fast parallel detection system for EELS and elemental mapping"

15:20 O.L. Krivanek (Gatan R&D, USA)
"EELS instrumentation and detection limits"

16:00 D.J.H. Cockayne (U. of Sydney, Australia)
"Collection of energy-selected diffraction patterns for RDF analysis"

16:20 end of session
17:00-18:00 POSTERS
chair: J.C.H. Spence

C.B. Boothroyd (U. of Cambridge, UK)
"Spectrometer design for high resolution energy filtering"

W.C. de Bruijn (Erasmus U. Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
"Comparison of the simplex method with the 2-area method for EELS quantification of biological materials"

S. Csillag (Stockholm U., Sweden)
"An investigation of systematic errors in interactive EXELFS analysis"

P. Schattschneider (TU of Wien, Austria)
"Bragg-Compton channel coupling in electron Compton scattering"

H. Lakner (U. Duisburg, Germany)
"Parallel EELS in a dedicated field-emission STEM as applied to the detection of aluminum in GaAlAs/GaAs heterostructures"

H. Seiler (Hohenheim U. Stuttgart, Germany)
"Investigation of homogeneous Ag layers and of Ag cluster layers by EELS"

H. Kurata (U. Kyoto, Japan)
"EELS of nm-sized y-iron crystallites in MgO films and their magnetic state"

M. Terauchi (Tohoku U., Japan)
"Performance of a Wien-filter energy analyzer installed in a TEM for EELS"

O.T. Woo (Atomic Energy of Canada, Canada)
"Parallel EELS 'fingerprinting' of zirconium hydrides"

18:00 end of session
20.8. Monday
chair: D. Krahl

9:00 P.E. Batson (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA)
"Spatially resolved scattering physics for local electronic structure determination"

9:40 R. Brydson (Imperial College, UK)
"EELS as a fingerprint of the chemical coordination of light elements"

10:20 break

10:50 G.A. Sawatzky (U. of Groningen, The Netherlands)
"Theoretical description of inner-shell near-threshold EELS and XAS spectra"

11:30 P. Rez (Arizona State U., USA)
"Interpretation of near edge fine structures"

12:10 G. Hug (ONERA-CNRS, France)
"Detection of oxygen and light elements in titanium aluminium and H-phase precipitates"

12:30 end of session
chair: L. Reimer

20:00 R.M. Feenstra (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA)
"Spectroscopy of semiconductor surfaces with the scanning tunneling microscope"

20:40 J. Stöhr (IBM Almaden Research Center, USA)
"X-ray absorption studies of free, chemisorbed and polymeric molecules"

21:20 K.J. Nygaard (Flinders U., Australia)
"Electron energy and momentum spectroscopy in solids"

21:40 end of session
21.8. Tuesday
chair: P.R. Swann

9:00 A. Howie (U. of Cambridge, UK)
"Interpretation of valence loss spectra from inhomogeneous media"

9:40 R.F. Egerton (SUNY, USA)
"Accuracy of elemental analysis by EELS"

10:20 break

10:50 R.D. Leapman (NIH, USA)
"A comparison of PEELS and EDXS detection limits"

11:30 F. Hofer (TU. of Graz, Austria)
"Determination of inner-shell cross-sections for EELS quantification"

12:10 A.R. Wilson (Aeronautical Research Lab, Australia)
"Detection and quantification of low energy, low level edges"

12:30 end of session
chair: J. Sevely

14:00 M.K. Kundmann (Gatan R&D, USA)
"Automated processing of parallel-detection EELS data"

14:40 C.B. Boothroyd (NKK Steel Research Center, Japan)
"A method for eliminating channel gain noise from parallel energy loss spectra"

15:00 L. Reimer (U. of Münster, Germany)
"Computation of multiple scattering effects in EELS"

15:20 P. Schattschneider (TU. of Wien, Austria)
"Electron Compton scattering in solids - a feasibility experiment with a PEELS system"

15:40 end of session
chair: K. Ishizuka

16:10 A.P. Hitchcock (McMaster U., Canada)
"Core electronic excitation of chemisorbed molecules by reflection EELS"

16:40 P.A. Crozier (Arizona State U., USA)
"Reflection EELS on (100) and (111) Surfaces of MgO"

17:00 Z.L. Wang (Oak Ridge National Lab, USA)
"Core shell excitations in the reflection mode"

17:20 end of session
22.8. Wednesday
9:00-11:00 FUTURE OF EELS
chairs: W.C. de Bruijn, A. Howie, G.A. Sawatzky, E. Zeitler

9:00 R.D. Leapman (NIH, USA)
"Future of EELS in biology"

9:20 P.E. Batson (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA)
"Future of EELS in Physics"

9:40 C. Colliex (U. of Paris, France)
"Future of EELS in material science"

10:00 end of session

10:00 - 11:00 Final discussion on the current state of affairs and future directions.