Towards Atomic Resolution Analysis (TARA 98)

6-11 September 1998

Organizing Committee
Nigel Browning
Christian Colliex
Ondrej Krivanek
Richard Leapman
Joachim Mayer
Mehmet Sarikaya
Gatan Inc.
Nissei Sangyo


morning afternoon evening
  6.9. Sunday arrival and registration opening
  7.9. Monday atomic resolution sub-surface analysis free ultimate EELS and EDXS
  8.9. Tuesday surface analysis and related techniques free poster session
(open end)
  9.9. Wednesday near-atomic resolution EELS free applications in biology and detection limits
10.9. Thursday quantification and future prospects final discussion workshop dinner
11.9. Friday departure

6.9. Sunday
evening program: (Bayview Room, Beach Club)
7:30 pm: dinner


H.G. DEHMELT (U. of Washington, Seattle, USA))
"That I may know the inmost force that binds the world and guides its course"
7.9. Monday
morning session (Olympic Ballroom, Conference Center)
chairs: Virginie Serin and Larry Thomas
9:00 Welcome and opening remarks


9:15 J. SILCOX (Cornell U., Ithaca, USA)
"Atom-sized electron probes and their interaction with matter"

9:45 S. PENNYCOOK (ORNL, Oak Ridge, USA), G. Duscher, Y. Yan, A. Maiti, M.F. Chisholm and S.T. Pantelides
"Towards atomic column-by-column spectroscopy"

10:15 J. BENTLEY (ORNL, Oak Ridge, USA), I.M. Anderson, N.D. Evans and J.E. Wittig
"High resolution EFTEM elemental mapping of intergrannular segregation"

10:30 Coffee

11:00 M. RUEHLE (Max-Planck Institut fur Metallforschung, Stuttgart, Germany)
"Atomic resolution imaging and analysis"

11:30 D.B. WILLIAMS (Lehigh U., Bethlehem, USA) and M. Watanabe
"Progress towards atomic-resolution X-ray microanalysis"

12:00 P. BAYLE-GUILLEMAUD (CEA-Grenoble, France), M. Arlery and J.-L. Rouviere
"Electron-spectroscopic imaging and quantitative HREM on AlN/GaN heterostructures"

12:15 J.M. TITCHMARSH (Sheffield Hallam U., Sheffield, UK)
"EDX spectrum modeling and multivariate analysis of sub-nanometer segregation"

12:30 end of session
12:45 lunch (outside Conference Center, in Bayview Room if raining)
afternoon free
6:30 pm dinner (Bayview Room, Beach Club)
evening session (Olympic Ballroom, Conference Center)
chairs: Alan Craven and Elmar Zeitler

8:00 P.E. BATSON (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, USA)
"Ultra-high resolution EELS: the logical next step"

8:30 M. TERAUCHI (Tohoku U., Sendai, Japan), M. Tanaka, and K. Kimura
"High energy-resolution EELS study of the electronic structure of B12 cluster materials"

8:45 D. NEWBURY (NIST, Gaithersburg, USA), D. Wollman, K. Irwin, G. Hilton and J. Martinis
"Lowering the limit of detection in high spatial resolution microanalysis with the microcalorimeter EDX spectrometer"

9:15 J. HUNT and R. Harmon (Gatan R&D, Pleasanton, USA)
"Extending STEM and EFTEM spectrum-imaging resolution limits through instability correction"

9:30 end of session
8.9. Tuesday
morning session (Olympic Ballroom, Conference Center)
chairs: Joachim Mayer and Mehmet Sarikaya

9:00 K. WICKRAMASINGHE (IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, USA)
"Optical microscopy near atomic resolution"

9:30 P. VARGA (TU Wien, Vienna, Austria)
"Chemical discrimination on atomic level with STM"

10:00 S.M. LINDSAY (Arizona State U., Tempe, USA)
"Scanning probe in biology: how high can the resolution go?"

10:30 coffee

11:00 A. MENAND and D. Blavette (Universite de Rouen, Rouen, France)
"Three-dimensional atomic scale microscopy with the atom probe"

11:30 J. SIDDLES (U. of Washington, Seattle, USA)
"Moore's law and Murphy's law in magnetic resonance force microscopy"

12:00 U. WEIERSTALL (Arizona State U., Tempe, USA) and J.C.H. Spence
"Atom species identification in STM using an atom-probe technique"

12:30 end of session
12:45 lunch (outside Conference Center, in Bayview Room if raining)
afternoon free
6:30 pm dinner (Bayview Room, Beach Club)
evening session (Olympic Ballroom, Conference Center)
chairs: Niklas Dellby and John Spence
8:00-10:00 pm POSTER SESSION and wine and cheese

8:00 J.C.H. SPENCE (Arizona State U., Tempe, USA) Summary of posters
8:20 Authors of odd-numbered posters at their posters
9:10 Authors of even-numbered posters at their posters

poster group PA: ELNES AND EXELFS

PA1 H. ABE (JAERI, Ibaraki, Japan), M. Terauchi and M. Tanaka
"High resolution electron energy-loss spectroscopy study of TiO2 Polymorphs"
PA2 G.A. BOTTON (CANMET, Ottawa, Canada)
"EELS near-edge structure of materials: making the most out of the theoretical modeling"
PA3 D. BOUCHET (Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay, France), O. Stephan and C. Colliex
"EELS plasmon chronospectroscopy for monitoring electron damage in different alumina phases"
PA4 R. BRYDSON (U. of Leeds, Leeds, UK), A. Scott, K. Lee and H. Davock
"Factors affecting the ELNES of bulk materials"
PA5 C. ELSAESSER (Max-Planck Institut fur Metallforschung, Stuttgart, Germany) and S. Kostlmeier
"Ab-initio calculation of near-edge structures in electron-energy-loss spectra for metal-oxide crystals"
PA6 Y. ITO (Lehigh U., Bethlehem, USA), F.M. Alamgir, H. Jain and D.B. Williams
"EXELFS of oxide and metallic glasses"
PA7 Ph. KOHLER-REDLICH (Max-Planck Institut fur Metallforschung, Stuttgart, Germany) and M. Ruehle
"Characterization of dopants in novel carbon nanostructures"
PA8 M. MACKENZIE (U. of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK), A.J. Craven, I.P. Parkin and A. Nartowski
"ELNES in transition metal nitrides and carbides"
PA9 D.A. PANKHURST (U. of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK), G.A. Botton, W.M. Temmerman and C.J. Humphreys
"An ab intio study of electron energy loss near edge structure effects at grain boundaries in NiAl"
PA10 V. SERIN (CEMES-CNRS, Toulouse, France), R. Brydson, O. Abidate and A. Derre
"Evidence for the solubility limit of boron in graphite by electron energy loss spectroscopy"
PA11 V. SERIN (CEMES-CNRS, Toulouse, France), Y. Kihn, O. Abidate, L. Vandenbulcke and A. Derre
"EELS signature investigation of h-BN nano-domains in CBN graphite-like materials"
PA12 I. TANAKA (Kyoto U., Kyoto, Japan), M. Yoshiya and H. Adachi
"First principles calculations of ELNES by cluster methods"
PA13 J. YUAN (Japan Fine Ceramics Centre, Nagoya, Japan), T. Hirayama, Y. Ikuhara and T. Sakuma
"Electron energy loss spectroscopy study of cerium stabilised zirconia - an application of valence determination in rare earth systems"
PA14 Maoxu Qian, D. Haskel, Edward A. Stern, and Mehmet SASIKATA (U. of Washington, Seattle, USA)
"Towards atomic resolution EXELFS?"


"Spectrum lines in TEM and STEM"
PB2 G. HUG (CNRS-ONERA, Chatillon, France), D. Imhoff and O. Sudre
"Study of the thermal stability of Hi and Hi-S NICALON fibers by TEM and high spatial resolution EELS"
PB3 H. GU (JSTC, Nagoya, Japan)
"Indirect EELS analysis towards atomic resolution"
PB4 K. KANEKO (JSTC, Nagoya, Japan), S. Tsurekawa and I. Tanaka
"Trace of oxygen, analytical studies of undoped polycrystalline beta-SiC"
PB5 K. KIMOTO (Hitachi Research Laboratory, Ibaraki, Japan), T. Aoyama and Y. Mitsui
"Composition and chemical shift analysis of Si3N4/SiOxNy/Si using spatially resolved EELS"
PB6 D.W. McCOMB (U. of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK), G.C. Weatherly, X. Ning, J. Pan and D.J. Lloyd
"Interfacial reaction chemistry in Al-based Matrix Composites"
PB7 N.K. MENON (U. of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK) and J. Yuan
"Towards atomic resolution EELS of anisotropic materials"
PB8 O. STEPHAN (U. Paris-Sud, Orsay, France), K. Suenaga, L. Henrard and C. Colliex
"Surface plasmon in spherical and cylindrical multishell nanobjects investigated by high spatial resolution EELS"
PB9 T. STOECKLI (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland), Z.L. Wang, J.M. Bonard, P. Stadelmann and A. Chatelain
"Plasmon excitations in graphitic carbon particles"
PB10 J.M. TITCHMARSCH (Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK)
"Detection of electron energy-loss edge shifts at grain boundaries and interfaces"


PC1 E. RIETZEL (MPI fur medizinische Forschung, Heidelberg, Germany), P. Schorsch, H, Mueller and R.R. Schroeder
"Elemental imaging at the most probable loss defocus"
PC2 M. SONG (NRIM, Tsukuba, Japan), K. Mitsuishi and K. Furuya
"EELS spectroscopy and energy-filtered imaging of Xe cavities embedded in AL at room and elevated temperature"


PD1 Z.R. DAI (U. of Washington, Seattle, USA), S.R. Chegwidden, S. Meng, M.A. Olmstead and F.S. Ohuchi
"Atomic resolution analysis of epitaxially grown Ga-Se thin films systems"
PD2 T. PLAMANN (CECM CNRS, Vitry-sur-Seine, France) and M. Hytch
"Tests on the validity of the atomic column approximation"
PD3 K. SAITOH (Tohoku U. Sendai, Japan), K. Tsuda, M. Tanaka and A.P. Tsai
"Structural studies on decagonal quasicrystals by the high-angle annular dark-field method"
PD4 M. Takeguchi, K. FURUYA (NRIM, Tsukuba, Japan) and K. Yoshihara
"Structural and EELS-analytical study of nano-crystal Si in UHV FE-TEM"
PD5 N. TANAKA (Nagoya U., Nagoya, Japan) and N. Takeuchi
"STM/STS studies of tungsten clusters on Si(111) 7 x 7 surfaces using a newly developed deposition apparatus"


PE1 G. BENNER (LEO Electronenmikroskopie GmbH, Oberkochen, Germany) and W. Probst
"How to improve the transfer of large area CBED pattern with an energy-filter transmission electron microscope"
PE2 G. HUG (LEM CNRS-ONERA, Chatillon, France)
"Installation and performances of high dynamic range CCD detector for EELS studies of deep edges"
PE3 C. ORSHOLM (Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden), N. Borglund and S. Csillag
"High detective quantum efficiency fast electron detector for electron energy loss spectroscopy"
PE4 E.M. JAMES (U. of Illinois, Chicago, USA), N.D. Browning and A.W. Nicholls
"Atomic resolution imaging and analysis using a Schottky field emission TEM"
PE5 H.W. MOOK (Delft U. of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands) and P. Kruit
"System design for monochromatization of high brightness electron sources"
PE6 P.C. TIEMEIJER (Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven, Holland)
"Measurement of Coulomb interaction in an electron beam monochromator"
PE7 N. TANAKA (Nagoya U., Nagoya, Japan) and J. Hu
"On-line correction method of defocus and astigmatism in HAADF-STEM"
PE8 K. TSUDA (Tohoku U., Sendai, Japan) and M. Tanaka
"Refinement of crystal structural parameters using energy-filtered CBED patterns"
PE9 T. WALTHER (UniversitŠt Bonn, Bonn, Germany) and W. Mader
"The significance of the detector point spread function for quantitative analysis of electron intensities"
PE10 T.Hashimoto, K.KIMOTO* (Hitachi, Japan), T. Oohashi, H.Tanaka, K.Nakamura** and S.Isakozawa
"Development of a new STEM, HD-2000"
9.9. Wednesday
morning session (Olympic Ballroom, Conference Center)
chairs: Gianluigi Botton and Kazuo Furuya

9:00 P. REZ (Arizona State U., Tempe, USA)
"Calculation of near edge structure"

9:30 D.A. MULLER (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, USA)
"Relating EELS fine structures to materials properties"

10:00 R. BRYDSON (U. of Leeds, Leeds, UK) and F. Riley
"Compositions, chemistries and widths of intergranular films in ceramics determined by PEELS and HREM"

10:15 K. SUENAGA (Univesite Paris-Sud, Orsay, France) and C. Colliex
"Nm-scale mapping of composition and electron states across multilayers by spatially resolved EELS"

10:30 coffee

11:00 N.D. BROWNING (U. of Illinois, Chicago, USA), H.O. Moltaji, J.P. Buban, J. Zaborac, S. Stemmer, Y. Xin and E.M. James
"Investigating the structure-property relationships at internal interfaces by atomic-resolution EELS"

11:30 H. HASHIMOTO (Okayama University of Science, Okayama , Japan)
"Atomic resolution imaging of atomic columns by core loss electrons using FE-TEM"

12:00 H. KURATA (JAERI, Ibaraki, Japan)
"High resolution elemental mapping by energy-filtering HVEM"

12:30 end of session
12:45 lunch (outside Conference Center, in Bayview Room if raining)
afternoon free
6:30 pm dinner (Bayview Room, Beach Club)
evening session (Olympic Ballroom, Conference Center)
chairs: Andrew Bleloch and Gilles Hug

8:00 D.P. BAZETT-JONES (U. of Calgary, Calgary, Canada), M.J. Hendzel and M.J. Kruhlak
"Quantitative Mapping of Nucleic Acids in vitro and in situ"

8:30 R.D. LEAPMAN (National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA) and S.B. Andrews
"Towards Single Atom Detection in Biological Structures"

9:00 M.K.H. Natusch, N. MENON (U. of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK), C.J. Humphreys, G.A. Botton and O.L. Krivanek
"Experimental and theoretical study of the detection limits in electron energy-loss spectroscopy"

9:15 U. GOLLA (Universitaet Muenster, Muenster, Germany) and I. Mueller
"Determination of the signal-to-noise ratio in elemental distribution images"

9:30 end of session
10.9 Thursday
morning session (Olympic Ballroom, Conference Center)
chairs: L. Michael Brown and Rik Brydson

9:00 P.D. NELLIST (U. of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK) and S.J. Pennycook
"Quantifying atomic-resolution images and spectra"

9:30 J. MAYER (Max-Planck Institut fur Metallforschung, Stuttgart, Germany)
"Quantitative methods for thin film analysis by energy-filtering TEM"

9:45 T. Navidi-Kasmai and H. KOHL (U. of Muenster, Muenster, Germany)
"Simulation and interpretation of contrast in atomically resolved elemental distribution images of defect structures"

10:00 A.J. DEN DEKKER (U. of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium), J. Sijbers and D. Van Dyck
"Optimizing the setting of an electron microscope for highest resolution using statistical parameter estimation theory"

10:15 C.B. BOOTHROYD (U. of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK)
"The "factor of three problem" in high resolution electron microscopy"

10:30 coffee

11:00 H. ROSE (Darmstadt University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany)
"Prospects for realizing a sub-Å sub-eV resolution EFTEM"

11:30 C. OSHIMA (Waseda U., Tokyo, Japan)
"Monochromatic electron beams from a Nb superconductor emitter"

12:00 N. Dellby and O.L. KRIVANEK (U. of Washington, Seattle, USA)
"Towards sub-Å electron beams"

12:30 end of session
12:45 lunch
chairs and discussion leaders: C. Colliex, R.D. Leapman and J. Silcox

5:30-6:00 pm Ship Boarding for dinner cruise on Puget Sound
6:00-10:00 pm Workshop Dinner aboard the M/V Emerald Star

11.9. Friday
bus A: 7:00 am (arrival into Sea-Tac airport by 9 am, traffic permitting)
bus B: 9:00 am (arrival into Sea-Tac airport by 11 am, traffic permitting)