Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and Imaging (EELSI 94)

24-28 July 1994

Organizing Committee
Ondrej Krivanek
Pierre Stadelmann
Christian Colliex
Joachim Mayer
John C. Spence
Workshop Sponsor
Gatan International
Contributing Sponsor
Carl Zeiss


morning afternoon evening
24.7. Sunday arrival registration and opening
25.7. Monday EELS and XANES fine structures free Quantification
26.7. Tuesday Energy-filtered imaging and diffraction free Poster session
27.7. Wednesday Elemental Mapping free Resolution and Detection Limits
28.7. Thursday EELSI applications final discussion Workshop dinner

24.7. Sunday

20:00-20:45 C. Colliex
"Early times of energy-selecting electron microscopy"
25.7. Monday
chairs: C.B. Boothroyd and H. Kohl

9:00 P.E. Batson
"Spatially resolved electronic structure in silicon quantum wells and nanocrystals"

9:30 J. Fink
"Electron energy-loss studies in solid state physics and materials science"

10:00 V.P. Dravid
"Transmission EELS in materials science"

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 N. Mårtensson
"X-ray absorption spectroscopy of adsorbates: core-hole effects, line positions and line shapes"

11:30 P. Rez
"Calculation of the near-edge structure"

12:00 R. Brydson
"PEELS and HREM studies of bonding at metal-ceramic interfaces in transition metal/alumina ceramic matrix composites"

12:15 A.J. Craven
"Electron loss near-edge structure in transition metal carbides and nitrides with the rock salt structure"

12:30 end of session
chairs: A.J. Craven and P. Rez

18:00 R.F.Egerton
"Some consequences of the angular distribution of inelastic scattering"

18:30 D.S. Su
"Plural scattering correction of atom ratios determined by EELS"

18:45 G. Kothleitner
"EELS-quantification of the elements Rb-Cd using M4,5 and L2,3 edges"

19:00 P. Schattschneider
"Progress in Compton scattering of electrons"

19:30 J. Bruley
"Using spatial difference to study the chemistry and electronic bonding of interfaces in metal-matrix composites"

19:45 M.K. Kundmann
"Autotuning for energy-filtered electron microscopy"

20:00 end of session
26.7. Tuesday
chairs: V.P. Dravid and M. Terauchi

9:00 J.W. Steeds
"Use of energy-filtered CBED data"

9:30 J.C.H. Spence
"Quantitative electron microdiffraction"

10:00 J.P. Langmore
"Use of electron energy filtration for quantitative microscopy of frozen-hydrated molecules"

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 O.L. Krivanek
"Progress in instrumentation for energy-filtered imaging/diffraction and EELS"

11:30 P. Redlich
"Mapping of optical constants at nanometer scale using electron energy-loss spectroscopy"

11:45 A.J. Craven
"The use of the low loss spectrum in the study of aluminum alloys"

12:00 S. Tremblay
"Application of low-loss spectrum imaging for the determination of the volume fraction of precipitates in aluminum thin foils"

12:15 D. Perret
"Natural microparticles-macromolecules interactions: an EFTEM approach"

12:30 end of session
17:30-20:00 POSTER SESSION
chairs: P. Stadelmann and D. Cockayne

17:30-18:00 J.C.H. Spence
Summary of posters

Posters will be arranged in 7 thematic groups:
A) Energy-filtered imaging
B) EELS fine structures
C) Energy-filtered diffraction
D) In-situ work and radiation damage
E) New commercial instruments
F) Post-deadline posters
G) EELSI posters from ICEM

18:00-19:00 POSTER SESSION I

A1 S. Abolhassani-Dadras, G.H. Vázquez-Nin, O.M. Echevarría, V. Boutinard Rouelle-Rossier and S. Fakan
"In-situe estimation of phosphorus content of a new type of extrachromosomal RNP granule by EELSI"
A2 M. Diociaiuti, M. Falchi and L. Paoletti
"EELS study of iron deposition in human alveolar macrophages: ferritines or hemosiderines?"

B1 G.A. Botton, C.B. Boothroyd and W.M. Stobbs
"Momentum-resolved EELS near-edge structures in a CTEM"
B2 H. Gu, M. Ceh, S. Stemmer, H. Müllejans and M. Rühle
"Spatially resolved EELS analysis in a quantitative way"
B3 M. Jaouen, G. Hug, V. Gonnet, G. Demazeau and G. Tourillon
"An EELS and EXAFS study of cubic boron nitride synthesized under high pressure - high temperature conditions"

C1 C.B. Boothroyd and C.J. Humphreys:
"Coherence in inelastic convergent beam electron diffraction"

D1 K. Das Chowdhury, R.W. Carpenter, J.K. Weiss and W. Braue
"Determination of safe limits of electron radiation damage in analytical electron microscopy of ceramics by time-resolved EELS"
D2 K. Hojou, S. Furuno, H. Otsu, T. Tsukamoto, K.N. Kushita and K. Izui
"In-situ EELS and TEM observation of Al implanted with N2+ ions"
D3 K.N. Kushita, K. Hojou and S. Furuno
"In-situ EELS and TEM observation of boron carbide during hydrogen-ion bombardments"

E1 J.A. Hunt, M.K. Kundmann and O.L. Krivanek
"Full computer control of a parallel-detection electron energy-loss spectrometer"
E2 O.L. Krivanek, B. Kraus, A.J. Gubbens and S.L. Friedman
"A versatile and efficient imaging filter for biological sciences"
E3 M.K. Kundmann and B. Kraus
"Recent developments in EELS analysis and elemental mapping software"

F1 R. Holmestad, J.M. Zuo, J.C.H. Spence and R. Høier
"Use of CCD camera with Omega-filter for quantitative electron diffraction: problems and solutions"
F2 I.M. Huxham, A.D. Johnson, R.J. Mairs and M.N. Gaze
"Electron spectroscopic image energy sequence analysis of boron and fluoride-containing polymers using a PC-based extrapolation package for semi-quantitative elemental analysis"

F3 W. Jäger and J. Mayer
"Energy filtering TEM of Si-Ge heterostructures"
F7 J.-L. Mansot and P. Moreau
"Origin and interpretation of the Ti L2,3 energy shift in Li intercalated TiS2"


A3 J. Neumann-Zdralek and A. Röder
"Computer-aided recording of electron energy-loss spectra and energy-filtered images"
A4 V. Oleshko, R. Gijbels, W. Jacob, I. Moiseev, M. Vargaftik and R. De Keyzer
"EELS and zero-loss imaging of small metal and metal-sulfide particles and giant clusters"
A5 V. Oleshko, R. Gijbels, W. Jacob, F. Lakiere, A. Van Daele, E. Silaev and L. Kaplun
"Characterization of double-structure tabular microcrystals of silver halide emulsions by means of EELS, zero-loss imaging and EDXS"
A6 D. Perret, C.-P. Lienemann and D. Mavrocordatos
"EELS-ESI as a powerful technique for the identification of heterogeneous mixtures of aquatic species"

B4 D.A. Muller, S. Subramanian, S.L. Sass, J. Silcox and P.E. Batson
"Local electronic structure and embrittlement of grain boundaries in Ni3Al"
B5 C. Scheu, H. Müllejans, R. Brydson and M. Rühle
"Electron energy-loss spectroscopy at metal-alumina interfaces"
B6 R. Schneider and J. Woltersdorf
"Application of EELS to the characterization of interfaces in ceramic fiber/matrix composites"
B7 J.C. Yang, E. Schumann, H. Müllejans and M. Rühle
"EELS studies of ß-NiAl/Al2O3 interfaces"
B8 Z.W. Yuan, S. Csillag and M.A. Tafreshi
"High spatial resolution extended energy loss fine structure investigations of silicon dioxide compounds"

C2 Y. Murooka, J. Yuan and Y. Ito
"EELS and energy-filtered diffraction on a diffraction-coupled dedicated STEM"

E4 M. Ross-Messemer, G. Benner and W. Probst
"High-performance high-speed slow scan CCD camera for EFTEMs"
E5 M. Ross-Messemer, G. Benner and W. Probst
"ESIVISION - integrated image acquisition and processing for EFTEM applications"

F4 D. McCulloch
"EELS of ion-beam-irradiated glassy carbon"
F5 J. Reyes-Gasga
"Chemical analysis of the human tooth enamel grains regarding the dark line environment"
F6 H.K. Schmid
"Phase identification in carbon and BN systems by PEELS"
F8 J. Wéry, J.-L. Mansot and J. Bullot
"Irradiation damage in PPV precursor polymer, comparison with thermal effects"
27.7. Wednesday
chairs: P.E. Batson and J.P. Langmore

9:00 C. Colliex
"Spatially resolved mapping of EELS fine structures"

9:30 J.M. Martin
"Interactive image-spectrum EELS: application to chemical mapping"

10:00 F. Hofer
"Characterization of nm-sized precipitates in alloys and ceramics by EFTEM"

10:15 J. Bentley
"Elemental mapping of segregation in stainless steels with an imaging filter"

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 M. Prutton
"Surface chemical mapping with Auger and backscattered electron signals"

11:30 K. Kimoto
"Elemental mapping using field-emission electron microscope"

11:45 S. Kujawa
"Element-specific imaging of oxygen lattice planes in AlON ceramics with ESI"

12:00 C. Mory
"Quantitative elemental mapping of supported clusters"

12:15 J.-L. Lavergne
"Imaging-spectrum and spectrum-imaging EELS methods applied to the characterization of silver halide microcrystals"

12:30 end of session
chairs: J. Fink and R. Brydson

18:00 H. Kohl
"Elemental mapping with high spatial resolution: detection and resolution limits"

18:30 J.A. Hunt
"Detection limits for chemical microanalysis"

19:00 S.J. Pennycook
"Determination of interface structure and bonding on the atomic scale"

19:15 D.A. Muller
"Delocalization in inelastic scattering"

19:30 D.A. Muller
"Mapping sp2 and sp3 states of carbon at sub-nanometer spatial resolution"

19:45 M. Terauchi
"High-resolution EELS study of solid C60, C70, C84 and carbon nanotubes"

20:00 end of session
28.7. Thursday
chairs: R.F. Egerton and J.M. Martin

9:00 R.D. Leapman
"Biological EELS in the scanning transmission electron microscope"

9:30 L.M. Brown
"Recent studies of near-edge structures"

10:00 G.A. Botton
"Understanding materials: near-edge structure point of view"

10:15 O. Stephan
"ELNES on carbon nanotubes"

10:30 Coffe break

11:00 J. Mayer
"Applications and limitations of ESI and ESD in materials science"

11:30 G. Duscher
"Low-Loss and ELNES investigations in silicon bicrystals"

11:45 K. Leifer
"Chemical analysis of NiTi multilayers by PEELS and EDS"

12:00 M. Sarikaya
"Development of the EXELFS technique for high accuracy structural information"

12:15 G. Hug
"Simulation of the extended fine structure of K-shell edges in intermetallic ordered alloys"

12:30 end of session
chairs: R.D. Leapman, J. Mayer and J.W. Steeds