Strategies and Advances in Atomic Level Spectroscopy and Analysis

5-9 May 2002
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Organizing Committee
Andrew Bleloch
Nigel Browning
Christian Colliex
Bernd Kraus
Ondrej Krivanek
Richard Leapman
Jean-Louis Mansot
Joachim Mayer
David A. Muller
Stephen J. Pennycook
Gatan Inc.
FEI Company
Nion Co.
LEO Elektronenmikroskopie GmbH


11:00 - 13:30 15:00 - 17:00 17:30 - 19:30
  4.5. Saturday optional arrival
  5.5. Sunday arrival registration and opening
  6.5. Monday Overview of Approaches Instrumentation: Corrected optics Instrumentation: Improving Energy Resolution
  7.5. Tuesday Limits to EELS Alternative Pathways Poster session
(open end)
  8.5. Wednesday Theory Theory Electronic Structure Measurements
  9.5. Thursday Interfaces Spectroscopic mapping NanoTechnology
final discussion
10.5. Friday excursion to Basse Terre
11.5. Saturday departure

5.5. Sunday


Bertram Batlogg (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
"Technology and Nanotechnology (INVITED)"
6.5. Monday
chair: Ondrej Krivanek

11:00 John Spence (Arizona State University, USA)
"ELS vs Synchrotrons.Degeneracy,brightness,coherence. Nanodiffraction. (INVITED)"

11:40 John Silcox (Cornell University, USA)
"The Emergence of Aberration Correction (INVITED)"

12:20 Barry Stipe (IBM Almaden, USA)
"Tuning in to a single molecule: vibrational and spin spectroscopies with atomic resolution (INVITED)"

13:00 Dave Veblen
"Global Tectonic Setting of la Soufriere de la Guadeloupe"

13:20 end of session
chair: Steve Pennycook

15:00 Max Haider (CEOS, Germany)
"Advances in STEM optics for atomic-scale spectroscopy (INVITED)"

15:40 Peter Nellist (NION, USA)
"Sub-one Angstrom STEM imaging through Cs correction (INVITED)"

16:20 Ondrej Krivanek
"Aberration-corrected electron energy-loss spectroscopy"

16:40 Alexander Orchowski
"A new corrected Omega-Filter incorporated into a 200 kV FEG-TEM"

17:00 end of session
chair: Steve Pennycook

17:30 Melanie Barfels (Gatan Inc, USA)
"High resolution EELS with a monochromated TEM and a high resolution spectrometer (INVITED)"

18:10 Frans Tichelaar (University of Delft, The Netherlands)
"HR-EELS in TEM with 100 meV Resolution (INVITED)"

18:50 Alexandre Gloter

19:05 Peter Tiemeijer
"Strategies for optimizing a monochromator to its applications"

19:20 Christina Scheu
"Advances of ELNES measurements by using a new detector and preparation technology"

19:35 end of session
7.5. Tuesday
11:00-13:30 LIMITS TO EELS
chair: Christian Colliex

11:00 Richard Leapman (National Institute of Health, USA)
"Limits of Elemental Detection by EELS in Biological Structures (INVITED)"

11:40 Werner Grogger
"Spatial Resolution and Detection Limits in EFTEM"

12:00 Nanda Menon
"Automatic optimization of EELS acquisition using 'a priori' spectrum simulation"

12:20 Kazu Suenaga (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
"Single atom contrast in EELS chemical map (INVITED)"

13:00 David Muller
"Atomic-Scale Imaging and Spectroscopy of Dopant Atoms inside Crystalline Materials"

13:20 end of session
chair: John Spence

15:00 Tom Kelly (Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation, USA)
"3D Atom probe microscopy (INVITED)"

15:40 Masami Terauchi (Tohoku University, Japan)
"Development of a high energy-resolution soft-X-ray spectrometer for a transmission electron microscope (INVITED)"

16:20 Guenter Moebus
"Coherent Nanobeam Propagation and Imaging"

16:35 Cécile Hébert
"Circular dichroism in the Electron Microscope"

16:50 end of session
17:30-(open end) POSTERS
chair: Jean-Louis Mansot

We suggest that the presenters of posters Materials I and Theory will stand at their posters from 17:30 to 18:30 and for Material II and Methods from 18:30 to 19:30.


Charlotte Dennis
"Initial ELNES modelling of simple interfaces in steels"

Dominique Imhoff
"Applying specific data processing schemes to spatially-resolved EELS series for the extraction of the local information at an interface"

Cécile Hébert
"Oxygen K ELNES in cobalt monoxide"

Peter Schattschneider
"Improvement of bulk - surface ELNES separation by use of a monochromator"

John Silcox
"Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy of InN."

Miyoung Kim
"Charge localization as function of formal oxidation states in complex materials"

Kazutaka Mitsuishi
"Layer doubling method in ADF-STEM calculation"

Guillaume Radtke
"ELNES study of N-K edge in hexagonal AlN and GaN"

Materials I

Thomas Hoeche
"Application of EELS for Monitoring Defects Formed upon Ion-Implantation into Solid Matter"

Denis Mavrocordatos
"Cu adsorption and diffusion into FeOOH with Focus Ion Beam and EFTEM"

Christine Terryn
"Water mass concentration measurement in hydrated cryosections of rat hepatocytes by EELS."

Howard Daniels
"Assessment Of The Structural Order Within Graphitising Carbons Using EELS And EFTEM"

Kenneth Livi
"O K edge EELS of sheet structured minerals"

Alline Myers
"EFTEM and STEM of Porous Low Dielectric Constant Materials"

David Elbert
"Mining the Energy-Loss Spectrum: EELS and EFTEM in Mineralogy"

Yasuo Ito
"Analysis of L- and M-edges of 4d Transition Metal Oxides by EELS"

Valerie Jeanne-Rose
"EELS approach of the pyrolisis of natural carbonaceous materials used for activated carbon preparation"

Vanina Golabkan
"Charge tranfer evidence by EELS in intercalated low dimensionnal compounds :correlation to tribological properties."


Wilfried Sigle
"The SESAM project - present state and applications"

Juergen Plitzko
"Electron Spectroscopic Imaging and its Application to Nanostructures"

Max Sidorov
"High Spatial Resolution Analytical (S)TEM Of Semiconductor Structures Performed On FIB-Prepared Samples"

Crispin Hetherington
"A Double Cs-Corrector TEM/STEM: Strategies, Advances and New Developments"

Chris Boothroyd
"The phonon scattering contribution to HREM images"

Koji Kimoto
"Experimental study of phase contrast formed by inelastically scattered electrons"

Hiroki Kurata
"Development of a cold-FEG with a built-up tip for STEM"

John Silcox
"Dahgers of Black Level use in High Resolution STEM Annular Dark Field Imaging"

Ferdinand Hofer
"Pushing EELS energy resolution: ELNES studies on transition metal oxides"

Materials II

Thierry Epicier
"EELS analysis of the matrix, quasi-crystalline and crystralline phases in aged Zr46.7 Ti8.3 Cu7.5 Ni10 Be27.5 bulk glasses"

Qi Zhang
"Characterization of electronic structure evolution in Mn, MnSi and MnSi1.73 on Si (111) surface by in situ electron energy loss spectroscopy"

Wahib Saikaly
"Multi-scale microscopy observations to resolve complex microstructures of multiphase steels"

Thierry Epicier
"EFTEM and EELS analysis of nanometric (Al,Ti)N precipitates in low carbon steels"

Andy Brown
"Characterisation of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Using HREM and EELS"

Alexandre Gloter

David Muller
"Atomic-scale Artificial Charge Modulations in La-doped SrTiO3 Superlattices"

John Silcox
"Observation of Non-uniformities in Calcium Aluminosilicate Glass using Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy"

Marie Cheynet
"Spectroscopic Analysis of Silica Atomic Layers"

Jean-Louis Mansot
"Chemical and physical identification by EELS of strontium carbonate nanophases produced in tribological experiments"

Sylvie Schamm
"Study of the dielectric properties near the bandgap of semiconductors by Valence EELS. Part I : bulk materials"

Sylvie Schamm
"Study of the dielectric properties near the band gap of semiconductors by Valence EELS. Part II : nanoparticles embedded in SiO2"

8.5. Wednesday
11:00-13:30 THEORY
chair: Rik Brydson

11:00 John Rehr (University of Washington, USA)
"Progress in the Theory and Interpretation of X-ray Spectra (INVITED)"

11:40 Tony Paxton (University of Belfast, UK)
"Simulating EELS fine structure (INVITED)"

12:20 Alberto Franceschetti
"First-principles calculations of core excitations and band states in transition-metal oxides."

12:35 Ryszard Buczko
"Core exciton effects in EELS spectra of semiconductors and insulators"

12:50 David Muller
"Absolute and Approximate Calculations of Electron-Energy-Loss Spectroscopy Edge Thresholds"

13:05 Klaus van Benthem
"Core-hole effect on the ELNES of SrTiO3: experiment and theory"

13:20 Gilles Hug
"Are Hägg phases anisotropic conductors?"

13:35 end of session
15:00-17:00 THEORY
chair: Joachim Mayer

15:00 Chris Rossouw (CSIRO, Australia)
"Channelling effects in atomic resolution EELS and ADF (INVITED)"

15:40 Andrew Lupini
"Localisation in inelastic scattering"

15:55 Christian Dwyer
"Delocalisation of sub-Angstrom electron probes in crystals due to elastic scattering and phonon scattering"

16:10 Peter Schattschneider
"Channeling, localization and the density matrix in inelastic electron scattering"

16:25 Rik Brydson
"What is the Magic Collection Angle for ELNES measurements?"

16:40 Philippe Moreau
"Improved simulation of low energy loss spectra of thin anisotropic nanomaterials"

16:55 end of session
chair: Nigel Browning

17:30 Phil Batson (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA)
"Understanding Super-STEM Semiconductor Results: Where to Start? (INVITED)"

18:10 David McComb
"Probing the Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Oxides using Electron Energy-Loss"

18:25 Pavel Potapov
"Study of changes in L32 EELS ionization edges upon formation of Ni-based intermetallic compounds."

18:40 Vicki Keast
"ELNES of GaN and InGaN alloys"

18:55 Ute Golla-Schindler
"Valence state mapping and lateral resolved EELS for characterisation of exsolution intergrowth"

19:10 Peter A. van Aken
"Quantification of Ferrous/Ferric Ratios in Minerals: New Evaluation Schemes of Fe L23 Electron Energy-Loss Near-Edge Spectra"

19:25 end of session
9.5. Thursday
11:00-13:30 INTERFACES
chair: Dave McComb

11:00 Nigel Browning (University of Illinois, USA)
"Atomic Resolution Spectroscopic Analysis of Interfaces and Defects (INVITED)"

11:40 Susanne Stemmer
"Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy of Alternative Gate Dielectric Stacks (INVITED)"

12:20 Ahmed Charai
"Structural and electrical change induced at an atomic scale by equilibrium sulfur segregation in tilt germanium Grain-Boundaries"

12:35 Alan Craven
"Analysis of fine precipitates in steels"

12:50 Wilfried Sigle
"EELS and HRTEM study of dislocations in SrTiO3"

13:05 Min Gao
"Electron energy-loss spectroscopy studies of Mo/SrTiO3 interfaces."

13:20 Fiona Loughran
"Analysis of Intergranular Amorphous Films"

13:35 end of session
chair: Richard Leapman

15:00 Paul Midgley (Cambridge University, UK)
"3D materials microscopy using EFTEM and Z-Contrast Tomography (INVITED)"

15:40 Guenter Moebus
"Spectroscopic Tomography in Analytical TEM"

15:55 Paul Thomas
"Advances In Spatially Resolved Materials Characterization Using EELS Spectrum-Images"

16:10 Thomas Walther
"Electron energy-loss spectroscopic profiling of thin film structures"

16:25 Gerald Kothleitner
"Elemental Occurrence Maps: A Starting Point for Quantitative EELS Spectrum Image Processing"

16:40 Pascale Bayle-Guillemaud
"Energy Spectroscopy Imaging to study fine structures at a nanoscale"

16:55 end of session
chair: David Muller

17:30 Odile Stéfan (University of Paris, France)
"EELS on Nanotubes (INVITED)"

18:10 Virginie Serin
"EELS investigation of magnetic Fe-Co nanopartcles in SiO2 matrix"

18:25 Thierry Epicier
"EELS study of SiC nanorods covered by a nanometric BN layer"

18:40 Jean Michel
"Boron localisation in cells by EELS"

18:55 end of session

18:55 - 19:30 Final discussion on the current state of affairs and future directions.
chairs: John Silcox and Christian Colliex
10.5. Friday
Will arrange a trip to Basse Terre with a visit to the volcano La Soufrière, the rain forest and the Garbet falls.