Enhanced Data Generated by Electrons

1-5 May 2005
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Organizing Committee
David Muller (program chair)
Virginie Serin (co-program chair)
Andrew Bleloch
Nigel Browning
Ondrej Krivanek
Hiroki Kurata
Joachim Mayer
Paul Midgley
Stephen Pennycook
Ferdinand Hofer (local organization)
FEI Company
Gatan Inc.
Nion Co.
Soft Imaging System GmbH
Carl Zeiss SMT AG
3D-Micromac AG
Research Institute for Electron Microscopy, TU Graz
Graz University of Technology
Atomic Force GmbH
Fischione Instruments Inc.


morning afternoon evening
1.5. Sunday Arrival and Registration Opening Lecture
2.5. Monday New Instrumentation, New Science
Imaging in two and three dimensions: Limits and Practice
free Imaging Nanotechnology and Biomaterials
3.5. Tuesday New Instrumentation, New Science
Imaging in two and three dimensions: Limits and Practice
Beyond Traditional Electron Microscopy
free Beyond Traditional Electron Microscopy
Poster & Beer
4.5. Wednesday Predicting the Limits: Unterstanding Electron-Solid Interactions
Predicting the Limits: Unterstanding Electron-Solid Interactions
Three Lake Tour Predicting the Limits: Unterstanding Electron-Solid Interactions
5.5. Thursday Interfacial Bonding and Chemistry
Interfacial Bonding and Chemistry
Spectroscopic Materials Solutions
free Spectroscopic Materials Solutions
Poster & Coffee
Workshop Dinner
6.5. Friday Ice Caves or Salzburg City Tour

A booklet with the EDGE 2005 program and copies of all abstracts can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.
View/download Abstracts_Book_EDGE2005.pdf (about 17MB).
You can view/download the abstracts individually by following the links in the program listing below.
1.5. Sunday
Opening lecture
18:00 Welcome words by the head of the TU Graz Hans Sünkel

Markus Arndt (University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria)
"Experiments on the Foundations of Quantum Physics, Philosophy and Surface Science (INVITED)"
2.5. Monday
New Instrumentation, New Science
chair: Ondrej Krivanek, Seattle, USA

9:00 Philip E. Batson (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, USA)
"Single Atom Imaging and Movement in the Bulk at 0.8 Angstrom (INVITED)"

9:30 Pete Nellist (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)
"Aberration corrected STEM: How far can we go and where are we going? (INVITED)"

10:00 David Muller
"How Good Does Your Microscope Room Need To Be?"

10:15 Melanie Barfels
"The Effect of Spherical Aberrations on Energy-Filtered Imaging and Spectral Resolution for a Post-Column Energy Filter"

10:30 Peter Tiemeijer
"A new 80 - 300kV monochromated and Cs corrected microscope"

10:45 break

Imaging in two and three dimensions: Limits and Practice
chair: Paul Midgley, Cambridge, U.K.

11:15 Chenlin Jia (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Jülich, Germany)
"Atomic structure and chemistry of lattice defects in oxides (INVITED)"

11:45 Klaus van Benthem
"High-Resolution STEM analysis of Si/HfO2/SiO2/Si gate dielectric interfaces"

12:00 Bernhard Schaffer
"EFTEM Spectrum Imaging at High Energy Resolution - Methods and Applications"

12:15 Michel Bosman
"Using multivariate analysis to extract ELNES information from EEL spectrum images"

12:30 Paul Voyles (Cornell University, Ithaca, USA)
"Analysis of Single Atoms in Two and Three Dimensions (INVITED)"

13:00 end of session

Imaging Nanotechnology and Biomaterials
chair: Stephen Pennycook, Oak Ridge, USA

17:00 Andrew Lupini (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, USA)
"Sub-Ångstrom and Sub-half-eV Analysis by STEM (INVITED)"

17:30 Odile Stephan
"EELS measurement of the Optical gaps on individual Boron Nitride single and multiwalled nanotubes"

17:45 Nigel D. Browning
"Probing the Nanoscale in Nanoseconds"

18:00 Alexandre Gloter (National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan)
"EELS fine structures at the transition metal 2p edges. Application to the study of titania-based nanotubes and to the bioremediation of chromium polluted waters. (INVITED)"

18:30 Ying-Hsi Pan
"Analytical TEM and STEM Studies of the Atomic Structure and Chemistry of Ferritin in Human Liver Biopsies"

18:45 Kazutomo Suenaga
"Visualization of point defects during formation and annihilation in carbon nanostructures by HR-TEM"

19:00 end of session

3.5. Tuesday
New Instrumentation, New Science
chair: Ondrej Krivanek, Seattle, USA

9:00 Masami Terauchi (Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan)
"Soft x-ray emission spectroscopy based on TEM (INVITED)"

9:30 Max Haider (CEOS GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany)
"Instrumental developments for analytical purposes (INVITED)"

10:00 Alexander Orchowski
"Qualification of the Mandoline Spectrometer in the SESAMe"

10:15 Masaki Mukai
"Performance of a new Monochromator for a 200 kV Analytical Electron Microscope"

10:30 break

Imaging in two and three dimensions: Limits and Practice
chair: Paul Midgley, Cambridge, U.K.

11:00 Matt Weyland (Cornell University, Ithaca, USA)
"Electron tomography of nanostructured materials; reassessing resolution limits (INVITED)"

11:30 Guenter Moebus
"EELS and Tomography of Glasses and Glass Composites"

11:45 Ilke Arslan
"High resolution 3-D analysis of nanostructures"

12:00 end of session

Beyond Traditional Electron Microscopy
chair: Andrew Bleloch, Cambridge, U.K.

12:00 Tom Kelly (Imago Scientific, Madison, USA)
"Three-Dimensional Mapping of Elemental Distributions in Silicon Nanostructures by Atom Probe Tomography (INVITED)"

12:30 Didier Blavette (University of Rouen, Rouen, France)
"3D Atom Probe Tomography: beyond the limits (INVITED)"

13:00 break

Beyond Traditional Electron Microscopy
chair: Andrew Bleloch, Cambridge, U.K.

17:00 Adam Hitchcock (McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada)
"Materials analysis by core excitation spectroscopy in a scanning transmission X-ray microscope (INVITED)"

17:30 Peter Schattschneider (Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria)
"Circular dichroic experiments with electrons - recent results of the CHIRALTEM project (INVITED)"

18:00 end of session

18:00 Poster

Melanie Barfels
"Mapping the visible absorption spectrum with a high resolution imaging energy filter on monochromated 200 kV TEM"

Jim Bentley
"SiC/SiO2 Interfacial Compositions by EFTEM and Spectrum Imaging"

Jim Bentley
"Challenges in EFTEM Elemental Mapping of Nanostructures"

David Elbert
"EELS Applications in Environmental Geochemistry"

Chris Ewels
"Nitrogen doping of carbon nanotubes"

Benedikt J. Gralla
"Optimization of the positions and the width of the energy windows for the recording of EFTEM elemental maps"

Gilles Hug
"Electrons detection with fast responding scintillators"

John A. Hunt
"Optimizing & Automating EELS/EFTEM Parameter Selection Using A Priori Spectrum Simulation"

George Lovely
"HREM of the {111} Surfaces of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles."

Ursula Lütz-Meindl
"Detection of selective element accumulation in cell wall attached particles of snow algae by parallel EELS and ESI analysis"

Rebecca Nicholls
"EELS and DFT study of fullerenes"

Tetsuo Oikawa
"Chemical-state mapping of blend polymer obtained by In-column (Omega) type energy-filter in 200 kV FE-TEM"

Michael Rogers
"A comprehensive EELS/EFTEM study of focused ion beam prepared samples of nitride- and oxide thin films"

Peter Schlossmacher
"High-end applications performed with the In-column Corrected Omega energy filter"

Virginie Serin
"Round-robin results of the quantitative analysis of FeNi nanoparticle compositions"

Wilfried Sigle
"Electronic structure mapping using energy-filtered series"

Saso Sturm
"Atomic resolution HAADF-STEM imaging and EELS analysis of Ruddlesden-Popper faults in the AO-doped SrTiO3 (A=Sr2+, Ba2+)"

Marcel Tencé
"Present state of "Spectrum Imaging" Software at Orsay"

Masami Terauchi
"Development of wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectrometer for a conventional analytical transmission electron microscope"

Thomas Walther
"First results from a monochromated and Cs-corrected 200kV STEM"

Di Wang
"Surface Profile Imaging of Silver Nano-Particles using an image Cs-corrected TEM"

Bénédicte Warot-Fonrose
"White line ratio for magnetic property studies"

Thomas E. Weirich
"Characterisation of ultrafine Ni/NiO and Co/CoO core-shell particles by transmission electron microscopy"

19:30 end of session

21:00 Poster

Giovanni Bertoni
"First principles calculation of the electronic structure and energyloss near edge spectra of chiral carbon nanotubes"

David Eustace
"ELNES as a Probe of Magnetic order in Mixed Oxides"

Cecile Hébert
"ELNES at Magic Angle Conditions"

Cecile Hébert
"A program for the calculation of Energy Loss Near Edge Structure. The new and improved TELNES.2 Code"

Cecile Hébert
"Experimental determination of inelastic lifetimes of hot electrons using low- loss EELS"

Frank Heyroth
"Effect of Incommensurate Structural Modulations in Fresnoite Framework Structures on High-Resolution ELNES Spectra"

Hidekazu Ikeno
"Novel method for 3d transition metal L2,3 ELNES by first principles multi-electron theory"

Sorin Lazar
"Enhancement of resolution in core-loss and low-loss spectroscopy in a monochromated microscope."

Jean-Claude Le Bossé
"Relativistic effects and angular dependence of energy loss cross section in EELS : case of dichroism"

Claude Mirguet
"Electron energy loss spectra near structural defects in TiN and TiC"

Teruyasu Mizoguchi
"Bond Overlap Population Diagram: Chemical bonding information from ELNES"

Stefano Rubino
"Simulations of channelling enhanced spectroscopy of oxygen in Ringwoodite"

Michael Stöger-Pollach
"Cerenkov losses in valence EELS"

Dangsheng Su
"Experimental and Theoretical Determination of Low Electron Energy Loss Spectra of Ag and Ru"

Kazuyoshi Tatsumi
"Site-specific electronic structure by electron channeling EELS and first principles calculations"

Marc Willinger
"Geometric- vs Electronic Structure of VOPO4 - DFT and ELNES Study"

Jun Yuan
"Quantum interference effect and anisotropic response in inelastic scattering of fast electrons"

Jun Yuan
"Experimental determination of fast electron energy dependence of magic angles in electron energy loss spectroscopy"

22:00 end of session

4.5. Wednesday
Predicting the Limits: Understanding Electron-Solid Interactions
chair: Christian Colliex, Paris, France

9:00 Les Allen (University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
"Modelling STEM imaging based on core-loss spectroscopy (INVITED)"

9:30 Uwe Falke
"Spatially resolved EELS with an aberration corrected STEM"

9:45 Juan-Carlos Idrobo
"Atomic Scale Study of Silicon Nitride/Rare-Earth Oxides Interfaces"

10:00 Koji Kimoto (National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan)
"Improvement and application of TEM-EELS for materials in semiconductor devices (INVITED)"

10:30 break

Predicting the Limits: Understanding Electron-Solid Interactions
chair: Christian Colliex, Paris, France

11:00 Nathalie Vast
"Electronic excitations: ab initio calculations of electron energy loss spectra and applications to zirconia, titania and cuprous oxide."

11:15 Dario Taverna
"Mapping the physical properties of He nanobubbles at the nanometer scale"

11:30 Eric Shirley (National Institute of Standards, Gaithersburg, USA)
"Near-edge spectra and pleasant surprises of first-principle studies (INVITED)"

12:00 Guillaume Radtke
"High energy resolution ELNES in transition metal compounds"

12:15 Hiroki Kurata
"Core-hole effects on oxygen K-ELNES of transition metal oxides"

12:30 end of session

13:30-19:00 Excursion
On Wednesday afternoon we are planning a tri-lakes tour (incl. in workshop fee).

Predicting the Limits: Understanding Electron-Solid Interactions
chair: Christian Colliex, Paris, France

19:00 Peter Blaha (Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria)
"Electronic structure and spectroscopy from DFT (WIEN2k) calculations (INVITED)"

19:30 Lionel Calmels
"Spectroscopic evidence of interface states at the graphite/Ni(111) interface from a first principles calculation of the EELS spectra."

19:45 Rik Brydson
"Ab-initio modelling of the electronic structure of interfaces"

19:30 end of session

5.5. Thursday
Interfacial Bonding und Chemistry
chair: Manfred Rühle, Stuttgart, Germany

9:00 Gianluigi Botton (McMaster University, Ontario, Canada)
"Application of high-resolution EELS to bonding and electronic structure studies in materials research (INVITED)"

9:30 Marie Cheynet
"Electronic properties of thin film high k gate oxides by EELS"

9:45 Philippe Moreau
"Experimental and band structure changes in Low Energy Loss Spectra of SrMoO3 perovskites (M= Ti, V, Zr, Nb, Mo, Ru)"

10:00 Clair C. Calvert
"EELS analyses at grain boundaries in CaCu3Ti4O12"

10:15 Thierry Epicier
"EELS study of Niobium CarboNitride Nano-precipitates in Ferrite"

10:30 break

Interfacial Bonding und Chemistry
chair: Manfred Rühle, Stuttgart, Germany

11:00 Robert Klie (Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, USA)
"Atomic resolution EELS analysis of defects and interfaces in functional oxide materials (INVITED)"

11:30 Maria Varela
"Charge transfer phenomena at ferromagnetic/superconducting oxide interfaces"

11:45 Lena Fitting
"Trends in the O K edge for perovskite oxides: a tool for extracting interfacial properties"

12:00 end of session

Spectroscopic Materials Solutions
chair: Manfred Rühle, Stuttgart, Germany

12:00 David McComb (Imperial College, London, U.K.)
"Probing complex oxides and nanostructures using energy-loss spectroscopy (INVITED)"

12:30 Melody P. Agustin
"Low-loss electron spectroscopy and high-angle annular dark-field imaging of gate stacks with HfO2 dielectrics and TiN electrodes"

12:45 Thomas Höche
"Transition-Metal Co-ordination in Amorphous Matter Analysed by Highly Resolved L2,3 ELNES Spectroscopy"

13:00 break

Spectroscopic Materials Solutions
chair: Manfred Rühle, Stuttgart, Germany

16:00 Jo Verbeeck (University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium)
"Model based quantification of energy loss spectroscopy (INVITED)"

16:30 Christoph Mitterbauer
"Generation of molecular nitrogen in chromium nitride and chromium oxynitride films"

16:45 Peter A. van Aken
"Channelling enhanced spectroscopy of oxygen in ringwoodite"

17:00 Maureen MacKenzie
"Heavy element analyses in EELS"

17:15 Gilles Hug
"How the great pyramids where built ? An EELS and microstructural investigation."

17:30 end of session

17:30 Poster

David Bach
"ELNES Investigation of different niobium oxide phases"

Jean-Paul Barnes
"STEM-EELS analysis of SiO2/HfO2/TiN multilayers using a JEOL JEM 2010FEF omega filter"

Marie Cheynet
"Electrical resistivity and optical reflectivity of three nanometric Nickel Silicides obtained from low-loss EELS: comparison to electrical and ellipsometry measurements."

Martin Couillard
"Spatially-resolved EELS study of dielectric properties of high-k HfO2 thin layers stacked between Si(001) and poly-Si."

Ute Golla-Schindler
"Oxidation state investigation of iron oxide minerals by ELNES"

Hui Gu
"Composition and thickness of buried nano-structures by spectrum separation: from interfaces, precipitates to amorphous composites"

Adam P. Hitchcock
"Radiation damage in X-ray and electron microscopes"

Thomas Höche
"Why is Selective Carbon Coating of TEM Samples so Effective?"

Gilles Hug
"Anisotropy of shallow edges and plasmons in Ti2AlC"

Vickie Keast
"Low-Loss EELS: Simulations and Applications"

Xiang Kong
"Correlation between composition fluctuation and interface morphology in (Ga,In)(N,As) quantum wells investigated by EELS"

Lydia Laffont
"High resolution EELS of complex Li-alloys: application to batteries materials"

Vincent Mauchamp
"EELS study of Li-based materials: ELNES at the lithium K-edge and low energy losses."

Jean-Luc Maurice
"Probing electron states at interfaces in perovskite oxides using the 3d transition metal L edges"

Susanne Nyquist
"An investigation of oxidation states in Ti- substituted synthetic diopside using white line intensities"

Frédéric Pailloux
"HRTEM and EELS study of Y2O3/MgO thin films."

Pavel Potapov
"Coherence of inelastic scattering near the edge of a sample"

Thomas Riedl
"Electron Beam Sensitivity of La0,7Sr0,3MnO3 EELS Core-Loss Edges"

Thomas Riedl
"Valence Sensitivity of EELS White-Line Extraction Methods"

Herbert Schmid
"Oxidation States of Mn and Fe in (Ba, Fe)-Manganite"

Vesna Srot
"EELS of twin boundaries in natural sphalerite (ZnS)"

Masami Terauchi
"High energy-resolution electron energy-loss spectroscopy study of the electric structure of two-wall carbon nanotubes"

Zhiqing Yang
"Study on changes in composition and EELS ionization edges upon Ni4Ti3 precipitation in a NiTi alloy"

19:00 end of session

19:00-19:30 Discussion

6.5. Friday
On Friday there are two optional excursions planned either to Salzburg or to Ice caves.
The estimated costs will be around ~35€ per person. Planned return will be around 4 or 5 p.m.