Enhanced Data Generated by Electrons

26-31 May 2013

International Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Meeting on Enhanced Data Generated by Electrons

Sainte-Maxime, France Meeting

Abstract Submissions: February 15, 2013
Accommodation Reservations: April 1, 2013
For full up-to-date details of the meeting: www.edge2013.cemes.fr

Following the very successful workshops at Lake Tahoe, Leukerbad, Port Ludlow, Guadeloupe, Grundlsee and Banff, the next international workshop on electron energy loss spectroscopy and imaging will be held in Sainte Maxime, France on May 26 - 31, 2013.

Local Organizers: Virginie Serin and Bénédicte Warot
Scientific chairs: Gianluigi Botton and Peter Crozier
Edge Committee: Nigel Browning, Gerald Kothleitner, Ondrej Krivanek, Jo Mayer, Paul Midgley, David Muller, Pete Nellist, Odile Stephan, Masami Terauchi, Maria Varela del Arco.

• Low loss EELS
• Beyond traditional spectroscopy
• Instrumentation advances
• Materials applications
• Spectroscopic imaging
• Theory

For a PDF of the EDGE 2013 meeting brochure, please click here.

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