EDGE 2009: International EELS-Workshop

May 17 – May 22, 2009
Banff, Alberta, Canada

About the Meeting

This will be the sixth in a series of workshops on electron energy-loss spectroscopy that began in 1990 at Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada, USA. It will use a Gordon Conference-style format, with a mixture of scientific sessions and free time for informal discussions and recreation. This workshop will be taking place at the Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada.

The Banff Centre



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Scientific Program

Technical Sessions

Sunday PM

Plenary lecture by George Sawatzky, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
-Conference registration will be open all afternoon/evening.
-Conference welcome reception (horderves and refreshments) starts at 18:00.
-Opening Plenary lecture begins at 20:00.

Monday AM

Colliex Symposium: Valence EELS (O. Krivanek, V. Serin, Chairs)
O. Stephan - mapping plasmons/low-loss EELS
R. Erni - Low-loss EELS/Band gaps

Monday PM

Egerton Symposium: Elemental and ELNES 2D and 3D imaging
(G. Botton, N. Browning, Chairs)

R. Leapman - EELS for biology, 3D imaging
K. Kimoto - Core loss Mapping

Tuesday AM

Advances in instrumentation and  ultimate physical limits
(D. Muller, P. Nellist, Chairs)

O. Krivanek - Resolution Limits in STEM
M. Haider - Resolution limits in TEM

Tuesday PM

Modeling (M. Terauchi, R. Egerton, Chairs)
L. Allen - Simulating core -losses
F. Garcia de Abajo - Simulating low-loss

Wednesday AM

Round table (Probe intensity) + Beyond Traditional
Microscopy (A. Bleloch, Chair)

A. Hitchcock - XANES and EXAFS
J. Spence - Time resolution and Spectroscopy with X-rays and electrons
B. Reed - Dynamic TEM and time resolved EELS/EEGS

Thursday AM

Applications for Materials Science and Biology (P. Midgley,
J. Mayer)

Ph. Moreau Modeling and EELS experiments, application to batteries
L. Fitting - EELS from oxides
P. van Aken: EELS from ceramics

Thursday PM

Applications for Materials Science and Biology (F. Hofer,
M. Varela, Chairs)

P. Schattschneider - Chiral EELS, application to magnetic materials
A. Lupini - high resolution 300kV EELS

Friday AM

Applications for Materials Science and Biology (S. Pennycook,
Ch Colliex, Chairs)

M. Gass - Recent results from the SuperSTEM
T. Mizoguchi - Interpreting core-loss spectra



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Deadline for abstract submission: 20 February 2009.

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Traveling to Banff

Bus Service from YYC Airport: Bus service will be available from YYC airport to Banff on 17th May. Two bus times are scheduled: 14:00 and 17:15 (after arrival of the flights from London at 15:35 and from Frankfurt airport at 16:05). If you would like reserve a seat on one of these buses, please send an e-mail to EDGE2009@mcmaster.ca. A bus fee of $20 or less may be requested when you arrive at the Banff Centre; the final cost will be determined by ridership.This bus service may be cancelled due to insufficient demand. We will notify all bus registrants of the final bus schedule as soon as possible.

Airport: The closest international airport is Calgary YYC: http://www.calgaryairport.com/

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A convenient and inexpensive shuttle service is available from YYC to the Banff Centre, approximately 1.5 hour journey. Information will be posted as in February 2009



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Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy
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Organizing Committee

Local Organizer: Gianluigi Botton
Program Chairs:  Virginie Serin and Nigel Browning
Organizing Committee
• Ondrej Krivanek 
• Andrew Bleloch  
• Ferdinand Hofer 
• Paul Midgley 
• Joachim Mayer 
• David A. Muller 
• Peter Nellis
• Masami Terauchi
• Maria Varela del Arco


For questions and additional information, please contact:

Gianluigi Botton
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